We have a wide variety of nail clippers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Among the many options, here are some recommended points to help you decide which one to choose.

Generally classifying nail clippers, there are three types "lever type", "nipper type", and "scissors type".



We will be introducing "LEVER-TYPE" here.

"NIPPER-TYPE" and "SCISSORS-TYPE" are introduced in other articles.


This is the classic nail clipper that uses a lever that pushes the blade down to cut the nail. Most fingernail clippers use this ancient technology and they are the most common.


Green Bell nail clippers are generally grouped into S size and L size. However, please note that not all clippers come in just these two sizes, the older models come in three sizes: S, M, and L. If S and L are not marked in the product name, you can default it to L size. Size S is recommended for women and children with small hands. Although users with large hands may feel that the size S is relatively small to use, when cutting toenails, the trimming details of the size S are very flexible and easy to use. Size L is recommended for users who want to cut fingernails and toenails with same nail clipper. Some models are only available in L size.

S size Nail Clipper: G-1200

L size Nail Clipper: G-1201

Clipping Catcher

The nail clippers with clipping catcher can catch your clippings as you trim and hold them until you are ready to empty, less need to swipe the floor or vacuum the rug after clipping your nails. * Please note that clippings may spill out of the clipping catcher. While the nail clippers without clipping catcher are a little lighter in weight and a little cheaper in price.

With Clipping Catcher: G-1117  / Without Clipping Catcher : G-1205

Some clipping catcher is available by themselves. Please note different nail clippers uses different clipping catcher.

Clipping catchers are made of metal(stainless steel) or resin. The metal clipping catcher is heavy and provides a sense of stability. The resin clipping catcher is light and good value for the money.

Detachable Stainless Steel Clipping Catcher: G-1117 

Non-Detachable/Slidable Stainless Steel Clipping Catcher: G-1111 

Resin Clipping Catcher: G-1203

If you are finding difficulties seeing where the nail clippers catches your toenail, we suggest to use detchable clipping catcher which allows you to adjust the clipping catcher easly.



The edges of a nail clipper can be divided into a curved edge (curved blade) and a straight edge (straight blade). The curved edge is a more standard nail clipper blade, it can make the nail more rounded. It is recommended for users who trim their nails into a circular shape, and for general nail trimming, the curved edge is also recommended. The straight edge nail clipper can precisely trim the nails in a straight line without burdening the nails. A straight edged clipper will give your nail more of a square finish. It is recommended for users with brittle nails and those who frequently trim their nails into square shapes.

Curved Edge: G-1031

Straight Edge: G-1030


There are also nail clippers with slanted cutting edges. The slanted edge slips into the gap between the nails, making it easy to see the part where the nail is pinched, making it easy to care for the toenails. There are two types of straight blade and curved blade.


Specialized nail clippers


We currently have three different types of nail clippers with lens.

Nail Clippers with Lens: (From the top) G-1223 / G-1304 / G-1224


Wide jaw opening nail clippers are nail clippers with the extra-wide jaw opening. Sharp and wide jaw blades can open to 3.5mm-4mm. Different from regular nail clippers, wide jaw opening nail clippers for your thick or ingrown toe nails. We have two types of clipping catcher: a resin type clipping catcher and a metal clipping catcher.

Wide jaw opening nail clippers: G-1117 / G-1203

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us .

"NIPPER-TYPE" and "SCISSORS-TYPE" are introduced in these articles.


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