We have a wide variety of nail clippers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Among the many options, here are some recommended points to help you decide which one to choose.

Generally classifying nail clippers, there are three types "lever type", "nipper type", and "scissors type".

We will be introducing "NIPPER-TYPE" here.

"LEVER-TYPE" and "SCISSORS-TYPE" are introduced in other articles.


As named, the nipper type is a nail clipper with the same structure as the tool nipper. It is sharp and can handle hard nails, and it cuts with less force, so there is less burden on the nails. It is also a great advantage when using it with your non-dominant hand. The opposite hand is harder to apply force than the dominant hand, so a nipper-type cuts with less force is best. Compared to the lever-type, is easier to cut ingrown nails, so it is suitable for people with troubled nails. Also, compared to the lever-type, you can see at a glance how much the blade is on the nail, so you don't have to worry about deep nails. Nippers are often used in nail salons.

Shpaes of tips

With Green Bell's nail nippers, there are two types of tips.

Major Type: QQ-04

Special Type: QQ-03

Materials of Handles

Stainless steel or Elastomer is used with Nail Nippers handles.

Nail Nippers with Stainless Steel Handles: QQ-04

Nail Nippers with Elastomer Handles: G-1001


With or Without Clipping Protector

Clipping protector is a device that help to prevent clipping flying. It will drops clipping down instead of flying to uncertain places, it allows you to clean easily.

Clipping Protector by itself: G-1034

The Clipping Protector is available by itself. It can be used for all the Green Bell nippers.

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"LEVER-TYPE" and "SCISSORS-TYPE" are introduced in these articles.

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