We have a wide variety of nail clippers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Among the many options, here are some recommended points to help you decide which one to choose.

Generally classifying nail clippers, there are three types "lever type", "nipper type", and "scissors type".



We will be introducing "SCISSORS-TYPE" here.

"LEVER-TYPE" and "SCISSORS-TYPE" are introduced in other articles.


As name, it is scissors-like shape, and is a type that closes the handle and cuts nails with the left and right cutting edges. The scissors type includes slim nail scissors and baby nail clippers. Slim nail scissors are recommended for those with weak or easily split nails. The serrated blade is non-slip and does not miss your nails. Baby nail scissors are suitable for cutting the soft nails of newborn babies. By making the thickness of the blade as thin as possible, the sharpness is increased, and even the nails of newborns can be cut without burden. In addition, considering ease of use and safety, the tip of cutting edge is made round and short which allows to be used safely.

Baby Nail Scissors: BA-001

Slim Nail Scissors: G-1040

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"LEVER-TYPE" and "NIPPERS-TYPE" are introduced in these articles.

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